"AAPDA MITRA-AAPKA MITRA" " आपदा मित्र-आपका मित्र "


Visit to Patna to review the Up-Scaling of Aapda Mitra Scheme in Partnership with Govt. of Bihar (30th June, 2022 - 1st July, 2022)

Objectives of the Visit

Review the status of the Up-Scaling of Aapda Mitra Scheme being implemented by NDMA in partnership with Govt. of Bihar.

Interact with Aapda Mitra Volunteers and other field functionaries at State level.

Visit to Bihar State Disaster Management (BSDMA), Patna

Visited Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA), Pant Bhawan, Patna on 30th June, 2022 and met Member, BSDMA Shri P K Rai and discussed various  issues on implementation of Up-scaling Aapda Mitra scheme in Bihar. Shri P K Rai briefed about the status of implementation of Aapda Mitra Scheme in the State and also shared some of the success stories.  

Project Coordinator, NDMA presented the Pocket Book on Do’s and Don’ts to Secretary, Disaster Management.

Visit to State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Bihta, Patna

Visited SDRF, Bihta Patna on 1st July, 2022 where 42 volunteers from Araria District are presently undergoing the 12 days training programme on Disaster Response under Up-Scaling of AAPDA Mitra Scheme. 

Araria is one of the district of Bihar selected under Up-scaling of Aapda Mitra scheme. Under the scheme 300 Aapda Mitra volunteers to be trained in disaster response.

Interacted with Aapda Mitra Volunteers, Officials from  State Disaster Management Authority, State Disaster Response Force and officials other field functionaries.

State Disaster Response Force conducted a training on first aid with support of trained Aapda Mitra. Around 42 volunteers were involved in the training. Various activities like lifting and moving of patient, bleeding control and wound care, basic life support were also demonstrated.

Shri Niraj Kumar Singh, Sr. Consultant, BSDMA and in-charge of AAPDA Mitra scheme briefed about the status of the project in the state and also shared the success stories of the volunteers trained under AAPDA Mitra scheme wherein they had contributed at local level in the prevention, rescue work and public awareness of flood, fire and road accidents.

Shri Faroguddin, Commandant (SDRF), Bihar briefed about the strength of SDRF in Bihar, resources available for rescue, and also various activities undertaken in training and capacity building.

Shri K K Jha and Shri S S Yadav, 2nd in Commandant, SDRF suggested all the volunteers to be prepared for any form of disasters as the state in highly vulnerable. He further explained the importance of disaster preparedness and awareness to the volunteers. 

SDMA Bihar with support of volunteers conducted a fire safety measures demonstration with support of trained Aapda Mitra. Around 30 volunteers were involved in the demonstration.

General Observations/success stories:

The Volunteers were satisfied with the course, the subject of expertise, practical sessions, food, accommodation and amenities provided by the SDMAs/SDRF.

During the training, Community Volunteers were taught basic concepts of Disaster Management, Basic Search & Rescue, fire safety measures, snake bites, Thunderstorms & Lightning and flood rescue.

179 lighting conductors made from local resources have been installed by volunteers in Purnea districts of Bihar.

The activity of making a lighting conductors made from local resources was demonstrated  in the exhibition by the volunteers in the Bihar Diwas 2022.